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How to re-design a classic?

OCA Card was once the only credit card available in Uruguay and it is still extremely popular with baby boomers and generation X. A family company in its beginnings, it has struggled to attract Millennials since it was bought by a regional bank.

The process

When we first started working with OCA card, I quickly remembered my parents being loyal customers. However, when I started asking around about its usage, none of my friends, colleagues or people in my generation had an OCA card. At some point over its 40+ years as a company, OCA card got a bad reputation and a decline in usage as Visa and Mastercard became more available.

For this project, 3 members of our team participated in collaboration with our Brazilian partner Roundpegs. We started recruiting and interviewing people between the ages of 20 and 35 years old. The goal was trying to understand their relationship with credit cards and their financial needs.

We did phone interviews with 30 participants, and shadowed 10 of them for a week. Our main insight was that Uruguayan Millennials were feeling extra guilty about how to manage their expenses.

The result of the investigation was used during a Design Sprint with the client.

Design Sprint

Day 1

We shared the results of our research and we identified the key problems to solve

Day 2

We generated and collected ideas

Day 3

We chose the best idea

Day 4

We created a prototype

Day 5

We tested the prototype with users

Tech we used

While developing the solution for this projet we chose the best design software for the case.





The result

By the end of the week, we had designed and tested a prototype for a personal finance app.