Attica Labs

A local team with a global ambition

We started as a completely remote team with just one client. {breakLine}After a year we had opened our first office and were growing rapidly. {breakLine}After four years, we have gathered a wonderful team of 30 amazing professionals and humans, working for our customers in Uruguay, Argentina, United States and Canada.

Welcome to

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, a hidden gem of South America and it’s the ideal location for a design team

Great talent fluent in english

Stable currency

No big time difference

Great internet and infrastructure

One flight away from Miami and Madrid

A balanced mix between North American and European cultures

Our studio is in one of the most enjoyable and relaxed neighborhoods, given us the perfect space to create.

Our philosophy

Technology must be a tool to empower teams and business

It should be designed from a deep understanding of the business challenges and the user

Providing business with data to make better decisions

Designed and constructed to keep business always evolving

Interested on being part of the team? {breakLine}Talk to us! we’d love to get in touch with you